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All had to come to an end eventually, after all of the bumpy car journeys traveling Uganda, it was time to come home. Usually after this long I think I would have been ready to come home, but as we were loading our 19 bags into the vans there was defiantly something inside me wanting to stay. Even though I have struggled with eating the food, and pretty much whatever I ate was making me ill I really wanted to stay; I wanted to stay in a country where everyone is so friendly, accepting and welcoming. I stopped and thought to myself, how many people can say that when they come to England.

Uganda 03

Even though some of the people we met and saw had nothing in a materialistic world, they have each other. They have the support, kindness and strength of one another that get them through the hardest times. They appreciate absolutely everything, the things that we take for granted. It really makes me wish that I lived in a country that behaved this way, I will from now on never take anything for granted and be thankful for everything that comes my way.

Whilst we were at the secondary school there were many quotes including “Be a needed person, not a needy person” “Ladies, remember you were not created to be a prostitute” “Success is earnt, not given”

These are all strong quotes that defiantly made us stop and think, and I feel that’s what differentiates school in Uganda to school in England; everyone here appears to work as a team and supports each other, they truly care about their school work and show so much respect towards their teachers. The students here praise each other for their achievements.

Uganda 02The way that music brings everyone together is the most incredible sight and leaves the most amazing feeling inside you. Even though they were strangers a month ago I feel that the time we spent singing and dancing together made a long lasting friendship that will never be broken. “The only people I envy are those who have not yet been to Africa; for they have so much to look forward to”

I feel so lucky to have met people that are so hard to say goodbye to…

So Today was our last day at the primary school, the place that we have called home since we got here; the place where the most amazing memories have been made and the most un breakable friendship bonds have been formed. We were picked up by Leonard and Dismas at 11.00am and headed for the school. As soon as we got to the school we put our finishing touches on the feature wall; Georgina wrote everyone’s name under each hand print.

We then headed to our favourite place… The nursery! Yet again Niz and Mitchell ran straight up to myself and Jayne and we held on to them for the rest of the time there. I never thought I would be so attached, but I was wrong...

This item is the last entry of a blog written by an Explorer Scouts visit to Outspan School Uganda. This link will take you to her blog please read it.

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