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Project Africa is a Berkshire Scouts global awareness programme and was launched in 2010. Since the start of the project there have been recce’s and 2 project visits (2011 & 2015) to Uganda. Plans are now underway to visit Uganda again in 2019.

A main feature of Project Africa is that many Scouts (mainly Beavers and Cubs) have been involved in the Project Africa Challenge Badge that encourages weekly programmes to help our young people understand the lives of their peers in a developing country. This also helps with fundraising for projects.

The first visit to Uganda (2011) was to complete project work at the Bukeka Children’s Centre (Mityana) and the Kavule School for the Deaf
(Mbale). New buildings (3 classrooms, kitchen/diner, and wash room) and general refurbishment took place at the schools.

The more recent visit to Uganda (2015) was for project work at two rural schools north of Jinja (Butagaya and Iwololo primary schools). The project work was undertaken through a partnership with Soft Power Education (SPE), a British charity working in central Uganda. Again, building work (3 new classrooms, 2 teacher houses, and refurbishment) was undertaken and completed at the school.

Project Africa continues to support its four project schools and this has included funding teacher wages, sponsoring deaf children, and funding additional work such as water harvesting schemes, providing electricity, and upgrading the project buildings.

Fundraising by Berkshire Scouts to support the above projects over the years is now in excess of £110,000 . . . and the fundraising and project work continues!

Mick Stocks, Manager, Project Africa.

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