Scouts amazon green 400The expedition will take you deep into the Peruvian jungle and into the Amazon basin to trek and study the biodiversity of the area while documenting your experience through creative media projects. You will take part in conservation and sustainability studies to help further our understanding of the Amazon through scientific fieldwork. Surveying wild monkeys, birds, snakes, butterflies and an array of reptiles. The expedition has been designed to take you out of your comfort zone in a challenging yet safe environment, with a real focus on the skills and personal development you will gain from the experience. The safety and support of our explorers is the cornerstone on which we build and develop an expedition from conception through to departure and return. Visit our safety and support page for more information.

What's involved
• Extended Jungle Trekking.
• Diverse programme of scientific study and research looking at all areas of the biodiversity that exists in this area.
• Document your expedition through exciting media projects.
• Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award (residential only)
• Life skills – communication, confidence building, teamwork, organisation skills, leadership.
• John Muir Award for environmental awareness & conservation.

Expedition breakdown
Cost: £5,000 (inc international flights)
Duration: 5 weeks - 24th July to 28th August 2020
Location: Peruvian Amazon
Age Range: 18-25 (at the time of expedition)
Briefing: Induction weekend April 2020 Oxford TBC
Visa: Not Required for British passport holders
Vaccinations: Some needed, details given nearer the time.

For more information please contact George Devine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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