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The Holiday Homes Trust specialises in providing family holiday accommodation. The Trust provides subsidised adapted caravan holidays for all families or individuals whose lives are disadvantaged in any way – be it through family illness, disability, frailty or low income. The Trust provides the opportunity for every single family member to enjoy freedom and life away from the home environment.

The Trust owes its beginning to Charles Porter, a member of the B-P Scout Guild (now Scout Fellowship). In 1964 he had installed a wishing well in his front garden and when people began dropping money into it he used the money initially towards around 30 different charities. In 1969 he decided to purchase a caravan at the local Sandy Bay Holiday Park for the use of families with special needs. He then went on to purchase a second caravan at the same park. At the age of 84 he asked the B.P. Scout Guild to adopt the scheme and create a registered charity. We have grown over the past 50 years and currently have nine caravans on different sites. Although we are not directly connected to or part of the Scout Association, we are extremely grateful to them for providing us with office accommodation at Gilwell, for our two part time staff, who take care of all the bookings as well as helping to raise funds and all the other tasks necessary to keep the Trust running.

Our holiday guests include those who are wheelchair reliant because of disabilities such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, stroke, paraplegia and muscular dystrophy. As well as assisting disabled people, the Trust also provides accommodation for disadvantaged young people i.e. families with low incomes and single parent families or families with a member who has a special need such as autism, downs syndrome, ADHD, mental health, depression and learning disabilities. Please visit our website at for more detailed information about our caravans and where they are sited. The website pictures will show you some of the adaptations that are made to enable our visitors to enjoy their holiday.

Since purchase of the first caravan in 1969, we have helped many hundreds of families over the years to enjoy a holiday that they would not otherwise have been able to have and we believe this results in a positive impact and helps to build happier stronger families. 30% of families in this country are excluded from having holidays because they cannot afford to do so and we strongly believe that holidays are for everyone.

The holidays will we hope help the families to feel less isolated and will provide a recuperative break, enabling families to return to their normal lives rested, healthy and ready to face everyday challenges again. Please see below some recent feedback from our holidaymakers:-

"You are our lifeline for a great week’s holiday. Thank you"

"A chance for my husband, who has MS, to spend time with the family on holiday"

"We have used the HHT for ten years and have always been extremely happy with all venues and accommodation"

"It gave my husband, who is disabled, time to relax with no worries of home and the caravan met all our needs" "The prices you charge meant I was able to take my children on holiday after many years - strong bonding time in a beautiful place and I would like to thank the Trust for a memorable holiday I could not have afforded it without you"

2019 being our 50th Anniversary Year we are hoping to purchase at least one new caravan during the year, and any contribution however small will be gratefully received. We are always represented at the Gilwell Reunion and next year we shall be making an extra effort. If you are going to be there please make a special effort to come and talk too us.

The Trust is overseen by 7 Trustees/Directors who meet 5/6 times a year at Gilwell Park. The current Chair is Roger Hurrion and the other Directors are Bob Panton, David Ranger, Ian Mackenzie, Mike Hebden, Alan Foster, Val Drew and John Le Warne.

If anyone would be interested in joining us or helping in any way please contact Jo or Marion in the office, on the number above, and someone will contact you.

Submitted by Alan Foster on behalf of the Holiday Homes Trust

Founded 1969 . Charity Registration No: 1145276 . Company No: 07794790

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