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Thank you for visiting the International Scout Support Unit. Our aim is to give practical assistance to leaders who have difficulty in delivering the international programme at section level. We also look at ways to open opportunities for those in training sections to have an international experience when their Group, District, County or Region. We shall strive to make every member aware of the opportunities available and understand the value to the international aspects and structure of Scouting.

A Scout is only limited by the breadth of their imagination, we hope we can help them see beyond their own horizons, thank you for your support.

George Devine, Manager


Daventry Distinct travel to Kandersteg

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The Mityana Community Development Foundation

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Uganda, you’ve changed me

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Cleveland Scouts Bound for Tanzania

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SIG is the word

When you now join ISSU (International Scout Support Unit) you are asked which SIG (Special Interest Group) you want to belong to. Your details will be passed on to the relevant group.

Latest News and Event

gilwell reunion

Gilwell Reunion 2016

Gilwell Reunion 2016

Thanks go to all ISSU members who helped in any way at the Drop in Café or the Programme Tent

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Cleveland Scouts - Tanzania 2017

Cleveland Scouts - Tanzania 2017

In June three expedition leaders spent 2 weeks in Tanzania to get organised for the trip next year. It was incredibly successful...

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Drop in cafe


International Opportunities 2017-18

Check out HQ International Opportunities for more events and information of the events

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News from Hertfordshire

News from Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire have three projects that they are looking for help with. Such as a 'adventure and refuge' centre, honey project and a chicken farm.

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